Garden Mapping


Gardening in the summer is one of my favorite ways to spend time outdoors, and even one of my favorite ways to get a little bit of exercise in too! And, for anyone who enjoys gardening as much as I do, you'll know how much planning and preparation it takes to make it look beautiful and also bloom!

So, you could imagine my excitement over the past few weeks as I have been able to watch all my lovely plants and flowers grow, and even have had a chance to enjoy some of the fruits (and vegetables) of my labor! Take a peek at my garden map, and also find some extra tips below on how to enhance your own garden :) Happy planting!

Tip #1

We all know that tomatoes and basil make the perfect pair when eating, but did you know that when you plant them together, they can help each other grow? Basil can repel flies and mosquitoes, and improves the growth and flavor of the tomatoes! Also, be sure not to plant your potatoes too close either, as they are attacked by the same blight and you could lose both if one catches this.

Marigolds are another wonderful gardening companion, they can enhance the growth of basil, cucumbers and cabbage. Marigolds can also help deter beetles from entering your garden and eating some of your flowers and plants!

Adding a Borage flower plant to your garden can be a wonderful addition. This plant not only sprouts beautiful and sometimes edible bright blue flowers, but it's nectar attracts that of beneficial bees and wasps that can help pollenate the surrounding flowers!


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