The Keukenhof Event

The Keukenhof is one of those amazing spots in the world to see. A must!

Its the biggest garden display in the world and you guessed it : its located in Holland.
Every new breed of flowers you can see, a sea of inspiration, fields of flowers that just take your breath away.

During the month of May, I was honored to help open the Delfts Blue Garden in collaboration with the company Bakker. It was a wonderful celebration of flowers!

As part of the event, we organized for journalists and bloggers to come make bouquets with us! A bunch of great women working experimenting with flowers. A fun afternoon among the blooms.

Everyone’s mood elevated further and further and we created some
beautiful bouquets. A lot of laughter and some really beautiful bouquets were created.
Everyone was able to send them to a friend or loved one. A double whammy!

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