Bringing the Easter Cheer


As we walk down the streets and notice bright and colorful pastels scattered in the shop windows, and meander through the park to spot the first of the spring crocus' blooming, or even as chocolate eggs become of constant abundance in our daily diets, we're lucky enough to be able to spot spring infiltrating the city.

And of course, one of our favorite spring past-times is Easter. Not only does it give us a reason to surround ourselves with family and friends, but it also acts as a wonderful reminder that spring has sprung!

Here are a few tips from Frederique about maximizing that spring feeling this Easter to really live life in full bloom!


1. Don't be afraid to get creative when setting your Easter table.


Easter is the perfect time to add color and mix and match different decor when setting the dinner table! Grab some lively placements, vibrant napkins and a Jubilant Bouquet- combine them all and your Easter table will be sure to bring cheer!

2. Add a touch of yellow, it's sure to bring cheer!


Easter is such a great time to bring color back into your home, obviously yellows are the first color to bloom, so when you surround yourself with yellow you can't help but feel Spring ready and full of cheer!

3. Tap into your inner-child!


Easter has such a great past-time for getting creative, get together with a group of friends and paint your easter eggs and tap into that inner child. Or even, organize an Easter hunt with a few chocolate eggs and little candies, whether you are young or old, it's bound to create fun. See here how to make some fun floral designs!

4. Use the eggs to make a fresh springtime Frittat


To stay with that spring yellow theme, make a fresh fluffy frittata; grab a bunch of eggs, a splash of milk, some cherry tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and few fresh herbs, like basil, oregano and thyme,--- whisk it all together toss it in a pan bake it. It adds the perfect addition to your Easter meal. Here's another delicious looking frittata recipe! 

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