Giving Thanks

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How often do you really "stop and smell the roses"?

It's easy in our busy daily lives to get swept up in the madness of the moment and overlook that which is happening around us. But, if you stop, even only for a moment and look around, you are sure to notice the beauty in the world and good deeds happening.

The beauty and kindness in our world can come in all shapes and sizes, from something as simple as a stranger holding the door for you, or something as vast as enjoying the nature around us, we hope you can take some time this holiday season to reflect on the things you are thankful for!

But, just incase you need a little boost, we've created our list of the top 9 things we are grateful for!

The secret gardens in the city. Manhattan is sprinkled with beautiful neighborhood gardens all over. Usually cultivated and cared for by the community, they provide a perfect respite from the hectic city streets and also bring communities together. Some of our favorite hidden gardens in the city are the Elizabeth Street Garden in SoHo, The Garden at St. Luke's and Abigdon Square Garden, both located in the West Village. If you're ever in New York, we encourage you to seek them out!

Enjoying the company of good friends. It sometimes seems obvious that we are thankful for our friendships, but when was the last time you actually thanked a friend for being there? Good friendships can provide the support you need on those tough days, or the company you keep in your proudest moments. So remember to be thankful; write them a note, an email, a text-- but let them know you appreciate them.

Gaining wisdom.  You're never too old to learn new things. Being open minded and taking the time to expand your knowledge is truly something to be grateful for. When we are open, the possibilities of self improvement are endless.

Enjoying good food. Every once in a while, it's fun to indulge on decadent sweets and rich foods- and of course, we are so very grateful for those! However, sometimes good food can be the simple dinners we cook for ourselves and our family sourced from the local markets and delivering the freshest flavors. Being able to shop locally and support our community it a priviledge we wouldn't trade for the world, and we are very grateful for that.

Enjoying nice wine. Well, we couldn't just stop at the good food part without mentioning wine, could we? Admittedly, there is a lot to be thankful for when it comes to wine :) Being able to end a hard day with good company and enjoying a perfect glass of rose on a summer evening is something even we can't deny.

Enjoying nature. Whatever the weather, there is always beauty to be found in nature. It can make all the difference to step out and get that breath of fresh air, to soak in the sun, or bask in the autumn foliage. So, next time you feel invigorated by nature, be sure to take the time to appreciate it and be thankful!

Health and happiness. It seems an obvious thing to be grateful for health and happiness, but sometimes we can take it for granted. During this time of the year it can be hard to keep up all the healthy habits we usually try to abide by, so it's extra important to be thankful for these.

Flowers! Forgive us, but we couldn't help but be a little bit thankful for having flowers in our lives! Did you know that studies from top universities have proven that flowers actually help improve your mood and overall health and happiness? Be sure to start treating yourself to fresh flowers everyday, you might be surprised at how much it can make a difference! We happen to like our Joyful Mood Bouquet, if you're ever in need of a little boost!

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