Let the Flowers do the Talking


With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's about time we start preparing to share our grand gestures of love with those closest to us! Or if grand gestures aren't quite your cup of tea, you might pick a nice bouquet and let the flowers do the talking!

So, with that being said, did you know that most flowers have meanings that are reflective of their personalities and how they make people feel? There is an entire language of flowers, and truth be told, it's extremely fascinating!

So when it comes to Valentine's Day, it seems quite apropros to use your bouquet to say "I love you".


Red Roses: We typically give red roses to people to signify our passion and love for them, but red roses can also be used to display respect, courage, and intensity. There are also meanings to the amounts of roses that are given to a recipient, for instance, one single red rose conveys love, while twenty-five red roses can signify congratulations. Although, we might still consider 25 red roses to still scream, I love you!


Spray Roses: Spray Roses are not surprisingly similar in meaning to traditional roses; they are used to convey love and passion, but their size also reinforces their sweetness and adds a bit of a tenderness to the intensity of their big sister roses. They also help to convey charm and add a bit of a whimsical nature with their elegant small buds.


Snapdragons: These are one of our favorite flowers that we use in our bouquets. Their stature is elegant and representative of graciousness. In the past it has been said that the snapdragons are meant to signify a dragon's head as their shape can be seen to resemble a snout. Though, we usually tend to not associate flowers and mythical creatures, they remain quite stunning, sturdy and superbly beautiful!


Lisianthus: These descendants of a North American wild flower are one of our favorite. With their romantic buds and delicate petals, their origins date back to the Victorian Era where they were dubbed the poor man's rose. We like to think of them as representative of appreciation and good will.

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