Pisces Season


We're very excited to be teaming up with the famed Astrotwins once again to showcase our Frederique's Choice Horoscope Bouquets. This collection was designed using colors and flowers that represent each month's zodiac sign. These colors and flowers not only look beautiful, but they also help you to channel the energy and positive attributes from the different star signs!

So, with that in mind,  there are quite a few ways to benefit from all things Pisces! See what the Astrotwins have to say about 5 ways to maximize the energy of the Pisces Season:


1. Escape.

Pisces is the zodiac’s last sign, where the boundaries between reality and fantasy blur. Pisces season is the perfect time for a getaway. If you’re really lucky you might take a retreat on a beach, since Pisces rules the ocean. Or, turn your home into a sensual sanctuary: a den of sumptuous floor pillows, essential oils, gorgeous scented candles—and of course, flowers! Incorporating water can be soothing: a fountain, a fish tank or even an app that plays the sound of a gurgling stream.

2. Capture your dreams.

Pisces rules sleep and dreams, and your nocturnal images could be vivid. Try to capture what you remember on paper or in an audio recording, as they could be rich with helpful clues. Blooming roses and ever-reaching Bells of Ireland in this month’s bouquet symbolize creative expansion and lifelong personal development—two big Pisces themes.

3. Do something selfless.

Compassionate Pisces rules healing and karma. This monthlong cycle is all about giving without an agenda. You could contribute to a charity or do some volunteer work. But as the saying goes, charity begins in the home. Look around and offer support to a person who’s struggling. Remember, though, that your goal is to empower, not enable. Give to the needy, not the greedy!

5. Don’t hate, meditate.

Meditation is another great way to tap your imagination—and no, that doesn’t have to mean sitting still in a silent room. Pisces energy is receptive to music and sound, so a guided meditation can clear away your worries. You can also try a “moving meditation” such as walking in nature or gardening, or you could de-stress by trying the adult coloring book craze. Pisces rules manifesting and the Law of Attraction, so shift into an “ask, believe, receive” mindset and watch the abundance flow.

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4. Follow your imagination.

Enter the muse! Pisces rules the subconscious, and this is an excellent time to mine yours for gems. Journaling, dance, art, free-writing, singing—these can all open up some majorly creative channels. The large hydrangeas in the Pisces bouquet were chosen to enhance our natural ability to be open during Pisces season. Their soft petals also represent sensitivity.

Frederique's Choice