Sagittarian Surprises

This month we celebrate those born under the star sign of Sagittarius (11/22-12/21).  Feisty, energetic, independent adventurers, Sagittarians display optimism and positivity.  Sagittarians welcome change with open arms and their unconventionality make them terrific to hang out with as you never know what to expect.  Orange is the color associated to Sagittarians and it’s reflective of the specific attributes of a Sagittarian:  vitality and strength, independence and freedom, fire and passion, energy, excitement and adventure, and lastly, wisdom, optimism, positivity and warmth.  Let’s take a further look at these attributes and the relationship to the flowers associated with each.

Vitality is associated with having the capacity to live and grow. Vitality signifies physical, mental energy, fortitude and strength. All of the flowers in our Sagittarius bouquet represent strength.  The Orange Rose, most associated with the heart chakra, represents the fire and passion of Sagittarians. Orange Calla Lilies symbolize wisdom and knowledge and correspond to the crown chakra.  Orange Snapdragons signifies bounty and abundant excitement and stimulates the awakening of all the bodies’ chakras.  The mixture of these flowers showcase our interpretation of the how best to celebrate the myriad of attributes of a Sagittarian.

Here are a few notable Sagittarians.  Can you spot the Sagittarian characteristics in each?

Frederique's Choice