The Clever Capricorn

When it comes to horoscopes, many of us typically tend to follow our own zodiac sign. We'll read our daily horoscopes in the paper, we might seek out further information on our birthdays, or even sometimes buy something with our star sign on it.

Our horoscopes are special and often intriguing because they give us little glimpses of who we are and sometimes offer further insights about what we can become. This is one of the reasons Frederique's Choice designed our horoscope bouquet collection; we wanted to help people attract more of the positive qualities and characteristics of their star sign into their daily lives.

For each sign, there are certain colors and even flowers that can manifest that good energy we all crave! But, what many of us don't know is that beyond just bringing in our own particular zodiac attributes, we can also bring the positive qualities of other zodiac signs into our lives!

This month, we're proud to feature our Capricorn Horoscope Bouquet.  So whether you're a Capricorn or not, test the waters with our bouquet and bring some of these good qualities into your life!

  • Responsibility, Capricorns are known for their responsible nature. Whether it is planning for something months in advance, or always being punctual, they tend to always take on a leadership role and take others under their wings. We used lilies in this bouquet to represent the strength and reliability found in a responsible Capricorn.
  • Determination, this is another Capricorn trait that can be strengthened when you surround yourself with Capricorn colors. By using dark shades of deep red in our horoscope bouquet, we channel that inner focused spirit who's always planning one step ahead.
  • Hard Work, Capricorns will always be one of the most hardworking people, whether on their own or in a group setting! If you're looking to boost your motivation level, be sure to fuel up on these Capricorn colors!

Watch our video below to learn more about our special Frederique's Choice Capricorn Horoscope Bouquet!

Frederique's Choice