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Watch Frederique Van der Wal and Carter Osterhouse create design makeovers and
solve homedecor problems with unique designs using flowers and plants. 

The premise of the show is to take people in greenery-deprived living spaces and
provide them with flower and plant solutions to remedy various home issues

In each episode Frederique and Carter transform living spaces using creative
customflower and plant designs that showcase how to bring the outdoors in. 

Each home is brightened with Frederique's Choice bouquets that give
inspiration, bring cheer and add tranquility.

Live Life in Full Bloom.


Episode 1: Ivan & Nicole

Days away from expecting their second child, homeowners Ivan & Nicole are in need of serious help to revamp their living and dining rooms. Frederique and Carter create a more family-friendly and functional space with custom furniture and floral installations tailored to this family.



Episode 2: Alexis & Bobbi

Homeowners  need a small space to serve double duty as a home office and guestroom. Frederique and Carter get creative with custom, multi-functional furniture pieces to maximize space and Dutch inspired floral designs to really bring the outdoors in.


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Episode 3: Jen & Thomas

New parents Jen & Thomas need help creating a functional and baby-friendly living room for their growing family. Frederique and Carter restore hidden charms of this old house, add life with lush flowers and create a room designed to watch their kids grow up.


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Episode 4: Josh & Jill

Busy parents Josh & Jill need help turning a long, narrow space into a functional living and dining room. Frederique and Carter take on this Brownstone with a custom TV cabinet that adds storage, separation and purpose to the two spaces. 



Episode 5: Rachel & Lee

Rachel & Lee Need Help Blending Their Disparate Design Styles To Create A Place They Can Both Call Home. Frederique And Carter Infuse Style And Functionality With, Amongst Other Things, A Custom Built Terrarium Table And Oak Dining Table With A Built-In Lazy Susan.



Episode 6: Pam & Micheal

Devoted Parents Pam And Michael Desperately Need Help After Putting Off Their Master Bedroom Renovation For Eight Years. Frederique And Carter Bring Balance And Relaxation To This Bedroom With A Soothing Color Palette, A Custom Bed To Maximize Space And A Floral Installation Created With Help From The Kitchen.