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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: How can we help you? 

At Frederique's Choice you can easily and quickly order flowers. Do you have a question? On this page we answer our most frequently asked questions. 

Placing an order and delivery 

Placing an order 

it’s simple and quick to place an order with Frederique's Choice! Here are a few steps: 

  • Choose a bouquet from our category page and click on it 

  • On the next page you will see some pictures and extra information concerning the bouquet, here you can also leave a personal message 

  • Click on the button order now, a pop-up will show where you can add some optional extras and you can click on checkout to proceed 

  • Enter all the required information and click on place order now to place your order 


Frederique's Choice works with FedEx to ship our bouquets. We will always do our best to deliver your order on the date of your choice. You will receive a Track & Trace where you can always check your most recent order status. If the recipient of your order is not at home, our delivery partner will try to deliver your order at the neighbors. In this case our delivery partner will leave behind a card in the mailbox of the original recipient with information where the order has been delivered. If it is not possible to deliver your order at the neighbors the original recipient will receive a card in their mailbox with information how to claim their shipment. 
What time will my order be delivered? 

All orders are delivered by FedEx Tuesday-Friday 8am-6pm. You will receive a Track & Trace of your order so you can always check the most current status of your order.  

Delivery costs 

Delivery costs are clearly outlined on the checkout page.  Delivery is overnight via FedEx and rates are determined based on the FedEx zone map 

Shipping and handling 

Together with our shipping partners we will always do our best to deliver your order on the date of your choice. However we cannot guarantee that this will always be possible, due to unforeseen circumstance. Incorrect or incomplete address information can affect delivery. You can always check the most up-to-date status of your order in the Track & Trace you will receive after placing an order. 

  • Delivery is available Monday-Friday 8a-6p.  Orders completed by 2pm will be delivered within 48 hours Mon-Friday. Delivery on national holidays is not possible. 

Taking care of the flowers 

How to take care of the flowers? 

Have you received one of our bouquets and you are not certain how to take care of the flowers? Here you will find several tips. 

Before you can put the flowers in the vase 
You have received our bouquet in the delivery box, what are the next steps. 

  1. Carefully remove the packaging 

  1. Your flowers have been hydrated during shipping using our Arrive Alive moisture sponge.  Remove the sponge and plastic bag affixed to your bouquet. 

  1. Remove the leaves of the stems from the bottom part of the stems (around 20 cm.) so that the leaves will not be submerged in water 

  1. Cut around 3 cm. from the bottom of the flower stems.  Always use a clean, sharp knife or pruning shears and always cut at an angle of 45 degrees 

  1. Cut the binding rope that was used to hold the bouquet together 

Putting the flowers in the vase 

Always use a clean vase. Your flowers have arrived in our bamboo and rice pressed vase which is designed to enhance the bouquet received.  Or perhaps you’ve purchased one of our Frederique’s Choice glass vases. The use of a glass vase is best as bacteria cannot develop easily and it is also easy to see how much water is in the vase. Always fill the vase for at least 75% of clean water. Use the enclosed flowefood and put it in the water.   Never let the water level get below 40% of the vase. Our flowers are so fresh that it is possible that after 1 day you need to add some additional water. Fresh and enough water ensure a longer life of the flowers. If you add water to the vase you do not need to add extra flower food. 

Have a question that is not on this list? You can contact us at One of our concierges would be happy to assist you!